An in-line process for treat minewater and tailings

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An in-line process for treat minewater and tailings

Postby mzhuang.noram » 2010-03-25, 22:11

Wastewater and tailings are produced in mining and hydrometallurgy processes, which are commonly identified as hazardous. Currently, the wastewater treatment may be carried out at site for reuse or for discharge to the environment with conventional chemical treatment to reduce dissolved metals to a level lower than the limits of local regulation. However, the sludge generated from water treatment often requires a proper treatment prior to disposal. Owing to the great cost and uncertain effectiveness for tailings stabilization, vast amounts of unstable tailings are often left at site without any treatment that could become a potential hazardous source. Here, an in-line process is presented for wastewater treatment and tailings stabilization for used as back filling materials. Metal stabilizer (LigmetTM) can be produced in-line of water treatment. Accordingly, the dissolved metals in water are removed by combination with the components of LigmetTM, and separated from water as sludge. Adding excess components of LigmetTM to water enable to improve the quality of treated water, and also to increase the metal-adsorption capability of the sludge. This kind of sludge showed an improved stability even at low pH 5, is usable to immobilize leachable metals in tailings. The minimum dose of lignosulfonates (LigsorbTM) in the Ligmet(TM) is able to promote the smooth flow of tailings and reduce the water content, when the treated tailings are used as the back filling materials. This is an in-line process designed for treating both water and tailings.
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